PZ Myers of Pharyngula performs a public service by collecting (in the comments) books for parents looking for “a primer on skeptical thinking, the scientific method, and religious criticism that was appropriate for early readers or junior high school kids.”

It turns out there are several. But commenter Tristero didn’t need to make another purchase. He just read some of the Bible to his six-year-old, who asked some good questions. He encouraged her to keep asking, adding, “By the way, what goes for the Bible, goes for all books. Always ask, ‘why’? And if they can’t explain it in a way you can understand, don’t feel you have to believe it. You don’t. And never accept ‘Because the Bible says so’ as an explanation. And that goes for other books, and for people, too.

“‘Including you and Mom?’ my precocious daughter said.

“‘Especially Mom and I,’ I replied.”