If you’re a young woman who’s ill-informed about sex, you risk getting cancer (via Mac McClelland):

But a significant number of young women still do not understand the importance of cervical cancer screening, according to a national survey released in mid-January by the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation, a national organization of gynecologic oncologists based in Chicago. In fact, young women feel they know more about the hottest new music than they do about reproductive health. Past studies have shown similar results.

If you’re a young man who’s ill-informed about sex, you risk getting a job writing for the New York Times:

As someone who claims abortion is life-taking, you would think that Douthat wouldn’t write off this uptick as meaningless, as he does—-a 3% rise in teenage pregnancy means many thousands more abortions. If he actually thought that was baby-killing, he’d be demanding comprehensive sex education in every school and condoms in every bathroom. But if he was motivated by hostility towards sex and women’s liberation, he’d write this incoherent piece trying to defend a system that’s raised the percentage of teenage girls who get pregnant every year by 3%.

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