If you prefer to listen to electronic producers who keep their personalities concealed you might take a liking to T.B. Arthur, who’s kept fairly busy the past year while going to great lengths to keep his identity hidden. Since beloved Berlin electronic-music shop and distributor Hard Wax first started selling EPs by the unknown techno producer last fall, Arthur’s secretiveness—and what little information he’s let come to light, such as the 312 area code on those Hard Wax 12-inches—has sometimes been the subject of more interest than his music. But his tracks are quite good—good enough, in fact, that Argot Records founder and Little White Earbuds editor Steve Mizek ditched an investigative story on Arthur so that he could release his music.

I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite track off the EP Mizek released over the summer, Dubs From the DAT, which I wrote about in a June record roundup. All three tracks blend together well, though it’s hard to go wrong with the cut that kicks off the EP—the hypnotic, pulsing “Drum Thoughts,” which is today’s 12 O’Clock Track.

T.B. Arthur makes his North American live debut tomorrow night at Smart Bar, and I bet he’s found a creative way to keep his identity hidden while setting the mood. Be sure to show up for openers Argot Soundsystem—aka Olin, Savile, and Mizek—who will perform a round-robin set. Until then stream “Drum Thoughts” below.

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