• The new face of cocaine

N.O.R.E.—aka Noreaga, aka the guy you probably know from his Neptunes-produced 1998 single “Superthug”—was one of the first rappers I ever followed on Twitter. He was also one of the first rappers I ever unfollowed on Twitter, not because I ceased being a fan but because he mostly tweeted about the weird juice diets he was on and their effects on his digestive tract. As much as “Superthug” remains a stone classic, there is such a thing as way, way too much information.

Luckily N.O.R.E.’s been up to more than drinking and expelling exotic fruit juices, and he recently dropped a mix tape called Crack on Steroids—which, as Dave Bry at the Awl points out, is an “awesome and hilarious” name for a record. It contains one song, “Kenny Powers,” that hijacks the name of the “disrespectful white” protagonist of HBO’s unbelievably brilliant comedy Eastbound and Down as a synonym for cocaine—the best slang term for coke since rappers started calling it “Lindsay Lohan.” Considering the number of key bumps Kenny Powers did over the show’s three-season run, I’m sure he would take it as a compliment. And then say something racist. The video (which is NSFW due to some Eastbound and Down boobage) is after the jump.