And it comes down to Gary, the second most liberal city in America, or thereabouts.

Between this, Gavin Floyd, and Boston/Cleveland, my head is spinning. Back to the TV!

Update: More it-comes-down-to-Gary news: will Obama actually win?

Update II: The Times (of Northwest Indiana) has updates.

Update III: Quoting an American history grad student friend: “I love that one of the CNN talking heads just raised the possibility of electoral fraud because Lake County isn’t releasing its totals, yet failed to comment on tiny Union county, with maybe 5500 voters, which has yet to provide any data either. . . . The ‘ol downstate/slicker jockeying is an old pattern in our political history and cities definitely do not have a monopoly on electoral corruption.”

Update IV:  “We’re [staying late] for one delegate.”

Update V: IV makes this sound kind of silly, so it’s probably worth noting that this down-to-the-wire stuff has more to do with indicators and momentum, by which I mean generating as many things as possible to speculate about, and possible arguments that could be made, since there are many more networks and Web sites to fill up. The indicators, for Clinton, are not good. The Huffington Post already has the huge V-Day-size headline PRESUMPTIVE NOMINEE with a picture of Barack, which would be very DRAMATIC but for the word PRESUMPTIVE. Hillary said she won Indiana a couple hours ago, as did CBS. The poor bastards who were responsible for the DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN headline were just born too soon.

Update VI: And Hillary pulls out a squeaker. Everybody get a good night’s sleep so we can get up bright and early and figure out if that actually matters! Worth noting that FiveThirtyEight called IN almost exactly and the explanation is fascinating. I’m with Kos on this –“Another benefit of the extended primary — a serious political lesson for all of us. I’ve learned more about state regions and counties and towns this year than the entire rest of my life combined.”

I haven’t followed it as closely as him, of course, but the information being generated is amazing. I know that an extended primary season drains budgets and sharpen attacks while the GOP gets to kick back, but I can’t help but think that pushing this further down the line will help the Democrats in the fall with, to put it bluntly, target marketing. Just speculating. Anyway, if you’re bored, you’re reading the wrong sources.