There are a lot of good reasons for starting a band. Maybe you have a bunch of songs you’re really proud of. Maybe you want to spread a particular political message to the world. Maybe you’re just bored and drunk and you have some friends over.

Probably the best reason to start a band, though, is Batman. Batman is super totally cool in so many ways, and creating something in tribute to Batman is the highest calling an artist can have.

Given that as far as I can tell there are zero working Batman bands around today, it might seem as though this is a minority opinion and not the actual truth. But back in the 60s, at the apex the Batman TV show’s popularity, a number of bands donned cowls and capes, or at least took a swing at covering its theme song. (Which I’m sure I could still get stuck in my head even after a massive brain trauma.) What appears to be a fairly comprehensive list of Batbands, Batsongs, and Batrecords from the era (I’m no Batman-band-history expert) can be found at, a site that’s basically just a huge quicksand pit of fascinating garage ephemera.

The totally clutch parts of the list are the accompanying photos. Just looking at these guys I’m pretty certain that they’re the best band ever:

(via LP Cover Lover)