“To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” Astronomer Carl Sagan in Cosmo Cosmos.   

You know you have it circled on your calendar. Today, Tuesday, January 23, is National Pie Day. APC–the American Pie Council–is asking every American this year to “practice random acts of pieness” by (for instance) bringing pie to someone who deserves your thanks, for indeed, “What better way to say thanks than with a warm hug wrapped in a delicious crust?” Among the various national events are a few in Chicago: area taxi drivers have been given regulation APC apple pie-scented air fresheners to provide passengers with that “comforting aroma” and there will be free Sara Lee pie from 6 to 7 PM–that’s “Happy Pie Hour”–at the Four Points by Sheraton hotel at 630 N. Rush.

Did you know the American Pie Council is the “only organization committed to maintaining America’s pie heritage”? Taking over, as I understand it, from now-defunct USPIE, an amalgam of PI4U and the World Pie Authority, formerly American Citizens Committed to Pie Promotion. If you’re not feeling the love, visit the APC press release, which will make you want to know more (“Pies are favorite props for humor, particularly when aimed at the pompous”) or make you burn with indignation (Oliver Cromwell banned pie-eating in 1644!). Hehe…pie.