Chicago Reader, November 18, 1977

Nestled in Family Farmed Expo‘s Saturday celebrity chef demos, 140 vendors, and 16 workshops is an 11 AM workshop, “How to Raise Bees for Fun and Profit,” that’s moderated by Mindful Metropolis magazine’s Richard McGuiness with a panel that includes Bronwyn Weaver of Heritage Prairie Farm and City ProvisionsCleetus Friedman, who keeps a hive at Bronwyn’s aviary and has hosted a farm dinner bringing guests into the honey-harvesting experience. The third panelist is Michael Thompson, featured in Michael Lenehan’s 1977 Reader cover story “The Essence of Beeing.” The article, at more than 20,000 words, was long enough to become a book, and did—a gorgeous handset book designed by Reader cofounder and the paper’s original art director, Robert McCamant.