• Ben thinks 42nd Ward alderman Brendan Reilly should trade jobs with Mayor Emanuel

I’ve been writing about TIFs for so long, you’d think there’d be nothing new for me to learn about the mayor’s favorite $500 million-a-year property tax scam.

But, no—when it comes to learning new things about TIFs, every day’s a new day, as the song says.

And sweeter than the day before . . .

Great, now I can’t get that not-so-classic from the Classics IV out of my mind.

In this case, I owe thanks to Sun-Times reporter Fran Spielman, whose accounts of the newly installed wheelchair-accessible ramp at City Hall has introduced me to the concept of the TIF petty cash fund.

As in—need money for something, Mr. Mayor? Just take it out of TIF petty cash.