• Guy Pearce and Nicolas Cage in the New Orleans-shot Seeking Justice

For me, the most charming moment of the recent Seeking Justice comes just before Nicolas Cage faces down the bad guys in an abandoned shopping mall. “This is a nice mall,” Cage says, in an inexplicable throwaway line. “Someone should fix it up.” The movie’s presented plenty of swell New Orleans locations up till this point, but this may be its most direct statement of civic pride. I practically expected a representative from the New Orleans zoning department to enter the frame, blueprints in hand, ready to field offers from potential investors in the audience.

It’s been a good week for civic pride at the movies. On Friday, Kevin Warwick reported on the reopening of the Logan Theatre, whose owners maintain a proudly neighborhood-centric outlook; and since I wrote about the potential sale of the historic Portage Theater last Monday, there’s been an outpouring of calls to rescue the building. A week from tonight, Mon 3/26 at 7 PM, there will be a public meeting at the theater about the Save the Portage project. For those who can’t attend but want to get involved, the Portage’s website lists some things you can do to help, like writing to the Zoning Board of Appeals.