Gaiman‘s novel Neverwhere is the featured book for the Chicago Public Library’s annual citywide reading program.

There are a couple public events scheduled for Gaiman. He’ll be chatting with author-artist Audrey Niffenegger (The Night Bookmobile et al) on Tuesday, April 12, 6 PM at the Harold Washington Library Center. And he gives a reading and lecture on Wednesday, April 13, 7 PM at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel.

On the library’s One Book, One Chicago home page, there’s a link to Letter from Neil Gaiman.

It begins: “It all started in Chicago.”

And ends: “This is my fantasy: that everyone in Chicago reads Neverwhere. Everyone. All the people in Chicago Above, and even (because we know they are there) the shadowy figures of Chicago Below, who have stepped out of legend long enough to read about Richard Mayhew, and to learn, as Richard does, that it all starts with doors.”

Update: Local writer James Kennedy, author of the YA novel The Order of Odd-Fish, will introduce Gaiman for the 4/13 event. Kennedy has, as he puts it, ” an interesting relationship with Mr. Gaiman.”