Yes, that is the cover of the new Leather Corduroys EP
  • Yes, that is the cover of the new Leather Corduroys EP.

A couple nights ago Nicki Minaj dropped a new track called “Chi-Raq,” and the tune feels a little like it was packaged for people who download anything and everything related to new rap in Chicago—not just because of the title’s obvious nod to the drill scene but also because Terror Town rapper Lil Herb makes an appearance. It’s exciting to see Minaj give the talented young MC a boost as big as a feature, but my enthusiasm for the actual track waned after a single listen, which didn’t convince me to revisit it too often. That’s fine because it gives me more time to listen to Porno Music Vol. II: This Shit Fucking Raw, the new EP from Leather Corduroys, aka Save Money rappers Kami de Chukwu and Joey Purple.

The pair dropped PMVII on April Fool’s Day, and at first glance I thought Kami and Joey might’ve been pulling a prank with the cover—it’s a crude cartoon rendering of an upright celery stick dripping with what I imagine is supposed to be ranch dressing, though the suggestive framing of the art says otherwise. Fortunately the five songs on the EP are all heart, from the strained growling atop syrupy vocal samples kicking off opener “Bleed” to the screamed “woos” and the demented, nightmarish soundscape on closer, “Irie Trill Vibes.” I’m particularly taken with the way the bundle of Auto-Tuned vocals on “Quaalude” exudes a robotic ecstasy that’s hard to shake—for an interlude that’s barely more than a minute long it sure does stick in my head. Then again, so does a lot of the EP; stream it below and keep an eye out for Leather Corduroys’ forthcoming full-length.

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