• Rebecca Frass
  • Infiniteus Rocks and Juice

Inside the unassuming storefront housing Infiniteus Rocks and Juice (1644 W. North, 773-661-1418), a five-foot-tall slab of amethyst named Helena guards the entrance. The business, which opened last summer, embraces a philosophy that views organic juicing and minerals as powerful tools in helping humans become mindful of a collective consciousness also known as “infiniteus.”

“The earth has natural energy that flows through each and every one of us,” owner Alex Drummond says. “But because we are constantly surrounded by artificial radio waves, we are not as in tune with those natural frequencies.” According to Drummond, by incorporating cleansing juices and healing minerals and crystals into everyday life, one can renew the mind and become more receptive to the earth’s frequencies.

That may sound like a bunch of New Age nonsense, but you don’t need to believe in the “Infinite Us” to enjoy the spot’s cold-pressed juice from organic and locally sourced produce. The bar, located in the front half of the store, is made out of repurposed bed frames, and the walls of the cafe are decorated with works by Chicago artists. The only nonlocal elements are the rocks and minerals, bought at shows around the country and sold out of the emporium in the rear of the space.

Infiniteus is currently organizing introductory courses on harnessing the energy of both fresh juice and crystals. Until then, you can check out Infiniteus serving cold-pressed juice at a cleanse methods open house on April 11 at 1 PM at Hamsa Ayurveda and Yoga (3807 N. Lincoln) in North Center; the event includes lectures on and demos of ayurvedic alternative medicine and healing practices. Later that night at Concord Music Hall (2047 N. Milwaukee), starting at 8 PM, the shop will display crystals and offer a custom juice blend during Re:Vision Chicago, a collaboration between psychedelic musicians and visual artists that sounds infinitely trippy.