Apple’s $4 million investment in sprucing up the North/Clybourn CTA station, located next to its new Lincoln Park store, got some attention from the New York City website Gothamist today. Writer Zoe Schlanger heard about Apple’s collaboration with CTA and wonders if New York’s transit agency should consider pursuing similar projects as an alternative to rate increases, which have pushed the monthly pass price to $104. “Whatever pays the bills, man,” she concludes.

In case you haven’t heard or noticed, Apple funded the North/Clybourn overhaul in exchange for the right to plaster its brand all over the station. The Trib has shown great enthusiasm for both the store and the station renovation, with WGN feature reporter Marcus Leshock posting a preview of the store’s opening, columnist Mary Schmich renaming North/Clybourn “the Apple stop,” and RedEye blogger Scott Kleinberg producing a photo gallery of the store’s opening day. Hooray for corporate boosterism!