Joining Phillip Foss and Laurent Gras is Hugh Amano, a former sous at Uncommon Ground who is now blogging about life as an unemployed chef at Food on the Dole. So far, out of four posts it’s been fun to watch him veer between idle depression and bright optimism as he makes meatballs, bread, and refried beans.

To wit:

One thing that comes with unemployment is time. Lots of time. And one thing that comes with Chicago in the winter is snow. Lots of snow. Snow + Time in real life could be very exciting. It means sledding and snow men and skiing and log cabins. Snow + Time + No Income, on the other hand, means stir craziness. I mean, this is basically what happened in The Shining. Ice, snow, lots of quiet, and slowly ticking clocks. Add weird spirit happenings and an axe and it gets ugly.

SO, I had to get out of the house today. I called my friend up, and cleverly convinced him that we needed to make sandwiches.