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The Lincoln Lodge and the Blackout Diaries—a pair of popular comedy showcases left without a home when the Lincoln Restaurant closed for good at the end of 2013—have finally found a new venue. In two weeks the pair will set up shop in Subterranean’s downstairs lounge, picking up right where they left off. The Lincoln Lodge’s first show of stand-up will be Fri 2/28 at 8 PM, while the Blackout Diaries—a night of storytelling focused on the most hilarious drunken stupors—will premiere the following night (Sat 3/1) at 8 PM. Both will continue on a weekly basis.

Blackout Diaries host Sean Flannery explains that though the majority of the shows will be taking place in the lounge, there is the opportunity to move a special showcase upstairs into Subterranean’s main room (this mostly applies to the Lincoln Lodge, which has the good fortune of booking nationally popular stand-up comics on a regular basis). And from what he tells me, you can expect plenty of special guests over the course of the first month. Erica Clark, a stand-up comedian who also happens to be Mr. T’s daughter, and competitive eater Patrick Bertoletti are both on deck to take part in an upcoming Blackout Diaries.

They even took a cool photo to commemorate the move.