In the roundup of Rogers Park music in this week’s paper I discuss WLUW, the popular volunteer-run radio station on the campus of Loyola University. The changes at the station in the past couple of years are well-known: WBEZ had been overseeing it since 2002, when it entered into a management agreement with the school, and this past summer Loyola reclaimed the station so it could use WLUW as part of its revamped communications program.

There was plenty of tension and turbulence when the latter shift was first announced in the spring of 2007, and longtime station manager Craig Kois and program director Shawn Campbell were the most visible casualties. But to the average listener not too much has changed–except that there aren’t pledge drives anymore, now that Loyola is picking up the tab.

Today word comes of another big change, but it too probably won’t affect listeners. This summer the station will be physically relocated to Loyola’s downtown campus, in the Terry Student Center at Pearson and Wabash. The new facility will be outfitted with all-new equipment and a digital music archive. The station’s transmitter will stay in Rogers Park, though, so the move won’t mean its signal will reach different parts of the city.

Today’s playlist:

Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra, We Are MTO (MOWO)
Dennis Wilson, Pacific Ocean Blue (Caribou/Epic/Legacy)
Pete Robbins, Do the Hate Laugh Shimmy (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Kanye West, 808s & Heartbreak (Roc-a-Fella)
Joe Morris Bass Quartet, High Definition (Hatology)