Life got a little more dangerous yesterday when the Violet Hour started opening two hours earlier, at 6 PM. Also, the bar rolled out a new fall cocktail menu from head bartender Toby Maloney. From New York, Maloney phoned in a few of the highlights, among them the Chi-Town Flip: an applejack cocktail with port, the vanilla-scented Spanish Licor 43, cream, nutmeg, Fee Brothers Old Fashion bitters, and a whole egg. The Nickel Manhattan, meant to evoke pumpernickel, is made with rye, punt e mes, Noilly Prat dry vermouth, Peychaud’s bitters, and Gilka Kummel caraway liqueur. Then there’s the Irish Pirate, with Redbreast Irish whiskey, Sailor Jerry spiced rum, and the new rye-flavored autumn bitters, made in-house. But Maloney predicts the Lady Grey is the one that’ll “fly off the shelves”: Tanqueray infused with Twining’s Lady Grey tea, lemon, and an egg white.