I’ve played Girls’ annoying-to-Google 2009 album Album about one and a half million times since it came out and I’m still not sick of it. So I was very pleased to get an advance of their Father, Son, Holy Ghost (out September 13 on True Panther Sounds) a couple of weeks ago, and I haven’t listened to anything on my iPod since then aside from a few dozen spins of Watch the Throne. (Okay, so a big “besides.”)

There’s a lot to love on Father, including the first single, “Vomit,” and a really freaky and unexpectedly Budgie-esque jam called “Die,” but my favorite track so far is the opener, “Honey Bunny.” I still haven’t gotten around to really pulling apart the album’s lyrics, but I sort of thought the song was about front man Christopher Owens looking for approval from normal chicks instead of hipster ones—apparently, though, it’s more about his mom, who raised him in the deeply disturbing Children of God cult and who’s figured into a lot of his lyrics in the past. What I know for sure is that it adds a bit of badass stomp and a whole lot of 70s power pop to the Girls sound, and it sounds great.

You can stream “Honey Bunny” right now from the NPR website.