• Maintain

Wume, the Baltimore-based duo of Al Schatz and April Camlin, have released a new music video from their upcoming record on Ehse Records. Originally formed here in Chicago, the band dominated the weirdo basement scene, sharpened their spacey sound, and released an LP on Rotted Tooth Recordings before relocating out east a couple of years ago. On today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Ostinaut,” the two return to craft a hazy, psych-Krautrock epic, with Schatz’s layered, oscillating, blooping synths anchored in tight, locked rhythms by Camlin’s meticulous, syncopated drumming. It’s the kind of song that is easy to get totally lost in, a wake-up call shocking you back into reality when its eight minutes suddenly come to a close. It’s great to hear that Wume is still killing it out in Baltimore, and on “Ostinaut” they sound better than they ever have before. The new record, Maintain, is due out at the end of May, and then the band takes off for a European tour opening for Dan Deacon. Hopefully they make it back home to Chicago soon after that. Check out the dreamy video, put together by Andy Ortmann, below.