• Blinders

Chris Gottlieb formed Closed Mouths last year after his old band, Wide Angles, called it a day, and they quickly became one of my favorite bands in town. The self-titled tape they released last spring was a brilliant homage to the 90s D.C. postpunk scene, blending knotty guitars with woozy synth and hammering it all with tons of rough melodies. The band has finally released a follow-up to the tape, the brand-new Blinders EP, and it shows that these guys are only getting better. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is the second tune on the new tape, “(In) Circles.” Check it out below, and make sure to listen to the rest of the EP—the band is still cranking out excellent, heady postpunk, but this time around it’s delivered with a little more grit and bite. Closed Mouths’ knack for huge hooks is still at the forefront, but they’re more interesting and obtuse than before, and the trio sounds more muscular and locked-in than ever. “(In) Circles” is a song I’ve had on repeat all week, my favorite track on a totally stellar record.