• Luke Haughwout
  • Tristan Shone

Author & Punisher is the industrial-metal solo project of San Diego’s Tristan Shone, a metalhead mechanical engineer who built a huge collection of steel chains, levers, pistons, slides, masks, and knobs that control blown-out synthesizer frequencies and transform his movements and voice into earth-rattling, terrifyingly evil sounds. Shone’s Author & Punisher setup is constantly evolving, and now sees him using hand-built metal collars with contact mikes that turn sounds of his throat muscles into ghastly growls, and barrel-size turbines that create swooping, swelling bass pulses—and as his machines evolve, his music becomes more extreme. Shone caught the interest of Pantera’s Philip Anselmo a few years ago, and Anselmo not only stepped in as producer on the upcoming Author & Punisher LP, Melk en Honing but also is releasing it next month on his own Housecore Records. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is the brand-new preview from that record, titled “Callous and Hoof,” and it’s the gnarliest, heaviest thing that Shone’s done yet. Moody synths swirl in and out of bassy blasts and mechanical, rattling percussion, with Shone’s furious voice right at the center. Check it out below.

Author & Punisher will be in town this September for Cold Waves IV, which is headlined by industrial metal’s finest, Godflesh. This is the type of performance that needs to be seen live to be believed, one of the loudest, most unique and brutal things I’ve ever watched, so do not miss. Here’s a video of his performing in his hometown this January; after watching it, you’ll make sure you see it live.