When it turned 60, the honchos behind the Penguin Classics literary series celebrated the occasion with some high-concept art thing: five noted designers were invited to remake the covers of their favorite volumes (Manolo Blahnik on Gustave Flaubert!), which each received a limited printing of 1,000. This year, as the series turns 65, the party favor is more plebeian: Penguin persuaded crossword constructor Ben Tausig, who writes the Reader‘s (and other alt weeklies’) excellent Inkwell puzzle, to edit The Penguin Classics Crossword Puzzles, which went on sale today. The 75 puzzles it contains are themed according to books that have appeared in the series—so expect references to Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Greek mythology, and a lot of William Shakespeare, whose work Penguin has reprinted most often. Will Shortz—the other crossword guy—calls it “”fresh, sharp, and modern—an all-round joy.” Huzzah!