This is getting out of hand. Right now you’ll find no less than 18 fresh pieces of theater, comedy, and dance criticism on our pages and Web site, including:

Albert Williams exploring The Bird Sanctuary and The Rocks, both at The Side Project Theatre.

Jack Helbig giving a hearing to Birdsongs, the theatrical realization of a Striding Lion concept album, at the Galaxie.

Kerry Reid enjoying Theatre Seven of Chicago’s remount of Marisa Wegrzyn’s Diversey Harbor, at the Greenhouse Theater, but merely appreciating The Typographer’s Dream by Fifth Floor Productions, at Stage Left Theatre.

Leon Hilton recommending Levee James at ETA Creative Arts Foundation.

Zac Thompson declining membership in Saturday Morning Movie Club, a Disciples of Clyde comedy at Stage Left, but putting the Cornservatory’s Storefront Theater Musical on our Short List as a recommended show.

Justin Hayford devoting a Critic’s Choice to Cupola Bobber’s Way Out West, the Sea Whispered Me, at Links Hall, and happily slumming with the MidTangent production of Snow White and the Seven Drag Queens at Hydrate.

Laura Molzahn undressing Compagnie Marie Chouinard in her Critic’s Choice on the Montreal troupe’s avant-raunch show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, while wishing for more “crazy-ass energy” from Talk Radio at Gift Theatre.

Lawrence Bommer dishing on the latest installment of The Ville, Bare Boned Theatre’s gay soap opera at Mary’s Attic

Ryan Hubbard lamenting the lost potential in Confessions of a Teenage A-Hole at iO, but expecting great things from Long Pork based on Soda at the Apollo Studio.

And me, neither haunted by Ghostwritten at the Goodman nor pumped about Pumpgirl at A Red Orchid, but holding out hope in a preview on Collaboraction’s  Sketchbook Festival at the Building Stage.