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  • The poverty line for a family of four is $23,050. Some Hublot Big Bang watches cost more than that.

Dwyane Wade knows what time it is. “I probably own 15 watches at any time,” he told the New York Times Magazine in a feature last Sunday. (“At any time”—ha.)

That’s roughly 15 watches more than I own. I check my cell for the time—a big mistake, according to Wade, the Miami Heat star. “The watch completes any outfit,” he said. “My favorite is the Hublot Big Bang King Power watch, which I helped design. I have a relationship with that brand.”

And not an emotional relationship. Wade is an “ambassador” for Hublot, which likely means he gets a cut from the Dwyane Wade Edition of the Big Bang King Power. The watch sells for $25,500 at Hublot’s new boutique on Madison Avenue in New York, but if you’re concerned about status, shop around and you can get it for more.