Stirling Newberry wanders and goes on a bit, but his post on Barack Obama is the most interesting I’ve seen yet: 

“The problem with Obama isn’t absence of experience, it isn’t his personal style. . . . Instead it is his absolutely catastrophic diagnosis of what is wrong with the world. Every statesman, good or bad, has a theory about the world. A theory about what makes the world work, and what makes the world fall apart when it is not in place. Barack Obama has the world view that if all the little children play together in the sandbox, then everything will be fine, and if they don’t it will be not fine. This isn’t the world view of a successful president. On the contrary, it is the world view of someone morosely eager for affection. . . .

“Hillary’s theory of government is like a car manufacturer’s theory of improving a sports car. Namely, that there is no big win to be had — instead, the only thing to be done is to go over every part of the sports car, in detail, and rethink it piece by piece. Out of each small win will come a total of advantages that will add up to a marked improvement. Perhaps now and again technology will allow some aspect to be radically improved, but most of the time it is reducing turbulence in the oil flow, improving the fuel-air mix, and shaving a few ounces off the weight of the break assembly. In short, Hillary is what Obama will look like with experience.”

Read the whole thing.