A hat tip to Whet Moser for this one—seems the establishment squares over at the Tribune have discovered that some people under 60 like vinyl records! It must be a movement. To quote a quote: “The girl at the end of the dorm hall spinning records is infinitely cool. It’s a huge youth movement. Vinyl is just out of control. It’s like somebody pushed the cool button again.” That’s the opinion of Eric Levin, president of the Atlanta-based Alliance of Independent Media Stores. (The overall explanation given in the article seems to be that iPods aren’t really cool anymore if people over 40 can figure out how to use them.)

Well, thank you, Mr. Zeitgeist. If that’s the cutting-edge thinking tradition of Atlanta at work, I for one welcome our new creatively loafing overlords.

What I don’t get is why this silliness is an unsigned editorial. Is this a collective statement of the Tribune editorial board? Was it written by a giant committee (using the ‘exquisite corpse’ method, one hopes)?

Let me know what you find out if you look into this. I’m too busy playing with my wax cylinders. Vinyl is so 2003.