UPDATE: City officials say they are not currently seeking bids for a long-term lease of the MRRFs but rather for private-sector management of their daily operations. Streets & San spokesman Matt Smith says the city has put the long-term lease plan on hold until “until market conditions improve.”

The city is moving ahead with its next plan to privatize taxpayer-owned property. Proposals are due next Friday, December 11th, from firms interested in leasing the city’s three garbage sorting centers, which were byproducts of one of the most striking and costly public policy flops of the mayor’s 20-year tenure: his failed recycling programs.

If the city can wring any money out of the sorting centers through privatization it will simply confirm that its own management of Chicago’s waste stream has been an environmental and financial catastrophe for 15 years.

It may sound like I’m exaggerating. I’m not. Let me explain.