As I noted in the capsule designating Joan of Arc “Best Old Musical Group” in the Reader‘s recent Best of Chicago issue, the band has earned a reputation for coming up with completely outrageous ideas and then actually following through on them. (Unlike the Judgment Night soundtrack-cover album your band keeps talking about at practice.) Their latest berserk plan is actually relatively marketable for them: reissuing all ten of the band’s full-length albums as a cassette box set. Cassettes are regaining currency as a tactile physical representation of the music on people’s hard drives, and the JoA set, which according to its PR will be “housed in a custom-built wooden box, elaborately screen-printed, hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies,” has “neat music-related tchotchke” written all over it. A complete digital copy in lossless audio and 328 kbps MP3 comes with each one.

You can preorder the $49 set, available August 14, here. You can download a free digital JoA sampler here.