Back in the day DJs used to go to extreme lengths to keep the competition from knowing what was in their crates. Early hip-hop DJs would take the labels off their records. Reggae DJs pulled guns on unauthorized diggers. People were serious about keeping stuff under wraps.

Things have obviously changed quite a bit, and now DJs not only don’t care who knows what they’re playing, but a lot of them have started using social-networking sites to broadcast their set lists. Techno demigod Richie Hawtin has taken a massive lead in that respect by incorporating a live, automated Twitter feed into his DJ software, a version of Traktor Pro with a plug-in that posts everything he plays to a dedicated Twitter account.

I respect Hawtin as a musician and as a tech geek–he was the first major DJ to go digital–but I have a feeling if this takes off I’m going to have to unfollow a lot of the DJs in my feed to avoid getting swamped. Not everyone thinks the idea will ruin Twitter, though. “Amen to this genius invention,” tweets former Chicagoan Tommie Sunshine. “No more trainspotters.”