From Grant Achatz‘s Twitter feed, a trailer (yes) for his next project, Next Restaurant (on Twitter, natch, at @NextRestaurant, and also on the Facebook):

From the FAQ, the tickets (yes) seem pretty reasonably priced. “Next Restaurant will serve four menus per year from great moments in culinary history — or the future.” Grant Achatz: COOKING TIME AND SPACE.

(And also making cocktails: “The Aviary is neither a bar nor a lounge exactly. Or perhaps it is a bar without a bar or bartenders.” I think that’s what Beckett’s Public House was supposed to be. All they need to do is hook up with The Tiny Aviary and Chicago will officially be complete for me. Update: The Aviary’s on Facebook too.)

Update II: The NYT‘s Pete Wells has more on Next, particularly on the economic rationale behind the ticketing system.

BTW, if you’ve never watched any of Alinea’s videos, they’re pretty interesting in seeing how an aesthetic concept becomes a dish: