Eric Zorn has an unconfirmed spotting of a horrendously offensive ad for Tucker Max’s new movie on a CTA bus. Coincidentally, we got a letter to the editor today spotting a different, no less offensive one (“Strippers will not tolerate disrespect…HAHA, just kidding!”).

I’m going to go ahead and set the over/under on “CTA pulls ads, does embarrassed public groveling” for Tuesday. That seems like sufficient time for heat to build and for the CTA to realize that ironic misogyny isn’t something they should be parading around town.

Letter to the editor after the jump.

[Update: What does “Deaf girls can’t hear you coming” even mean? My first thought was that it’s a double entendre, because I couldn’t imagine it’s referring to assault. Now I’m just confused. Tucker Max: discovering levels of misogyny that I can’t even comprehend.]

[Update II: Max tries his damnedest to put air quotes around his misogyny. Sometimes he forgets.]