If you’re like me, you only know Nice Peter as one of those acts that you’d see in the listings every once in a while and think, “I can’t believe anyone would ever think that’s a good name for their band.” I had also seen a promo photo of them, and I knew that they looked like dorky white kids. So I was kinda surprised to see them on the front page of AllHipHop.com, with a link to an exclusive interview with them.

I guess I had missed the initial web buzz about the 50 Cent “diss” track they’d put up on YouTube. It’s called “50 Cent Is a Pussy,” and it’s supposed to be funny, but it isn’t very funny at all. Which is hardly the point of them writing, recording, and posting it in the first place. A lot of people have accused the band of just doing it for the publicity, and I’ll come to the band’s defense by saying, “Well, derr.” Just Google the word “Internet” and you’ll learn—actually, not really—that something like a third of the people online at any given moment are white dudes who still think that scene in Office Space where the guy is rapping along to the Geto Boys is hilarious, and getting them in on your joke styles is a good move. I don’t see ThinkGeek struggling to make ends meet. Besides, who would ever think that two dorky white kids who play dorky alternative rock—and, if the chorus to “50 Cent is a Pussy” is any indication, also still like Collective Soul’s “Shine”—would actually be serious about starting beef with 50? Oh yeah, about half of the people leaving comments on their video.