I imagine that a lot of people who used to read Nick Sylvester’s Riff Market blog stopped paying attention a while ago, after he got busted for making stuff up in the Village Voice and went from blogging mad genius pretty much daily to posting maybe twice a year.

I kept Riff Market in my RSS feed for days like yesterday, when after two months without a post he hit us out of nowhere with “Theoretically Unpublished Piece About Girl Talk, for a Theoretical New York Magazine Kind of Audience, Give or Take an Ox on Suicide Watch,” a lengthy, patient, and consistently entertaining takedown of misguided Girl Talk adoration and hyped-up crushing from music critics. Per Sylvester’s usual style, a liberal arts grad-type reference like “he relies on pitch-shifting and time-distorting everything to fit within the same BPM–cramming all his various found elements into the same one-size-fits-all bed a la Greek villain Procrustes” can share a paragraph with a burn like  “Gillis’ labored matching of ‘Ain’t to Proud to Beg’ [sic] over ‘Friends of P’ just sounds like ‘I Love the ’90s’ projectile vomiting.”