Hot-shit young* composer Nico Muhly (NY’er profile; MySpace) talks to WFMT’s wonderful Andrew Patner tonight on WFMT 98.7 (and; it’ll be available as a podcast afterward. He’s a good interview; I couldn’t agree with him more about this:

Listen, if you deal with classical-music people, the kind of head shots you have to have as a composer are APPALLING. Go to ten composers’ Websites, you’ll want to kill yourself. It looks like some seventh-grade … it’s so bad. I just thought, Fuck that, it’s so uninteresting. The stuff I was sending out of myself last year was like, you know the one where I look all giddy and sort of like a serial killer? They were like, “Do you have anything more serious?” And I was like, “Well, yeah, I do, but I’m going to have blood on my face.” There’s no in between. It’s sad, too — have you ever noticed, you see a picture of Philip Glass and it’s always that same pose? You can just hear the photographer being like, ‘Put your hand over your mouth, look pensive!’

*and by “young” I mean it by the traditional definition “younger than the author”