The alleged recession shows no sign of slowing the tide of new restaurant openings. In addition to this week’s featured analyses of Crisp, Takashi, and Rustik in Food & Drink, we have a half dozen more new reviews in the listings.

I suffered through the barbecue-in-name-only at Risque Cafe and Smoke Shack. Gary Wiviott and I tag teamed Tony Hu’s two new Chinese regional restaurants Lao Beijing and Lao Shanghai. Kate Schmidt found something to eat besides pizza at Evanston’s Omaggio, and Rater Lisa K. Coburn was flummoxed by the 135 varieties of tea at Suzi’s Tea and Cafe–she’ll stick to coffee, thanks.

Next time: Schwa, Con Sabor Cubano, Sixteen, La Cocina de Frida, The Libertine Gastropub & Lounge, Nxxt Restaurant & Bar, Cafe Marbella, and more.