I’ve got President Nixon on my mind lately . . .

As you all know by now, Pat Robertson recently came out for the legalization of marijuana.

Didn’t beat around the bush with talk about decriminalization. Didn’t say he’d have to study the subject or hold hearings.

No, he came right out and said what many, if not most, people believe—there’s no compelling reason to keep it illegal anymore. Hasn’t been in years. Our pot policies make a mockery of our criminal justice system by locking up blacks for the stuff white people do all the time. Packing our jails with bodies. Wasting time and money and resources pushing these cases through the courts. And so forth.

Meanwhile, the Democrats—President Obama, Governor Quinn, and Mayor Emanuel, just to name a few—are like: Oh, no. Can’t move too fast. Need more study. Got to hold more hearings. And so on.