Chicagoist has noticed that the wave of comments that flooded the Tribune Web site like the backwash from a swamped storm sewer in response to Howard Reich’s March 30 profile of Rachel Barton Pine has mysteriously disappeared. It’s possible to post a new comment (I tested the waters), but the old stream has been taken down — or something. Bill Adee, the editor responsible for overseeing reader boards, said, “It still exists,  just not at the end of the story where it is supposed to be. We are trying to figure out why it dropped off the bottom like that. We found a few other instances where it has happened now that it was brought to our attention.”


If it exists, why can’t I find it? I got back to Adee. “Well, that’s the problem,” he replied. “A regular user can’t find it because it’s not at the end of the story.”