• Shapiro, Avery, Gajewski

The Everypeople Workshop is prolific. Although the multimedia and performance collective was only founded in 2009, it’s already released four self-produced albums; written and produced a ballet, Bronzeville Nutcracker; and put on a three-day festival in Woodstock, Illinois. Tomorrow, Everypeople will host its monthly Wednesday event at Village Records in Roscoe Village.

Everypeople is led by three Chicago-based musicians: Mikel Avery, Nicholas Gajewski, and Aaron Shapiro (who’s just 19). “Nicholas, Aaron, and myself meet on a weekly basis. We cover everything from how poor we are to what we make artistically,” says Avery, laughing. “We decide on different project ideas and possible directors for those projects.” Currently, Everypeople has developed five ongoing groups: Everypeople Song, Nicholas Gajewski’s Strings, Mikel Patrick Avery’s Trio + Film, the Aaron Shapiro Big Band, and a quartet also led by Gajewski.