• Thomas Anderson

Remember “metrosexual”? Remember people using, without irony, the phrase “secure in [one’s] manhood?” Either you’ve got a long memory, or you’ve just read the article “Straight Talk: A New Breed of Fashion Bloggers” in today’s New York Times‘s Thursday Style section. (Does it feel like we’re piling on the Times lately here on the Bleader? Whatever, it’s mid-January.) Can male heterosexuals feel “secure in their manhood”—which is to say, uh, not be gay?—and be fashion bloggers at the same time? You bet. A survey of five securitized males shows how. They are, says reporter Alexis Swerdloff, “writing for a post-metrosexual” world, where it’s simultaneously possible to be both a “dandy” and—in the words of blogger Mordechai Rubinstein—get down on “men who are getting too pretty.” It’s a good read if you’re a man worried about what an interest in fashion says about you.