On April 4, Illinois’ lieutenant governor communicated with his boss and colleague the governor via press release. 

“(SPRINGFIELD) — On Wednesday, Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn called on Governor Blagojevich to convene a special session of the Illinois General Assembly to solve Illinois’ Electric Rate Crisis, give ratepayers immediate relief from unfair electricity prices, and….once the immediate problem is solved, we need a long-term, thoughtful plan that will increase utility companies’ use of renewable fuel sources while increasing our energy efficiency and cutting back on the emission of greenhouse gases that threaten the future of our entire planet.”

But forget the odd-couple relationship between Quinn and Blago. That’s an MSM inside-politics soap-opera-of-the-day thing. The really strange coupling here won’t make pretty pictures on TV: the desire for lower energy prices AND lower emission of greenhouse gases. Quinn wants cake now, and he wants a long-term plan to control obesity. Good luck with that.