Rich Miller:

“I’m getting a real fear deep down that the Sun-Times won’t survive unless something drastic changes very soon.”

Personally I’d feel slightly less queasy if the S-T hadn’t killed off Zay Smith’s clever, amusing “QT” while keeping on zeitgeist cliche factory Richard Roeper. I’ve suggested before that the Sun-Times could save column inches by keeping on Roeper, who is undeniably popular, but just letting him write headlines and subheds, which generally suffice for his column:

Riches, fame no defense from tragedy

When Jennifer Hudson won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 2007, she devoted most of her acceptance speech to her family.

Using Hitler to make a point is pointless

When you’re reaching into the Reference Cabinet, it’s probably best to just stay away from the file marked “Hitler.”

Hard to believe what idiots think of Obama
Is Barack Obama a terrorist? The smiling woman answers: “He’s got the bloodlines. Just think about the name. The name says it all.” And there’s your chill-down-the-spine moment for the day.

(NB: I actually cut the last subhed for redundancy. See?)

Columnists like Roeper used to make sense when there was only one place to read this sort of thing, instead of 50 million LiveJournal blogs. Now there are people out there who can write programs that will do this for you. It’s much cheaper.

Update: If anything happens to Fran Spielman, I might just move to New York or something. She’s really the only daily-newspaper equivalent in this city to Ben Joravsky. I just wanted to put that threat out there.