• Ultimate Purity

Sludgey noise-rock locals Rectal Hygienics welcome their brand-new Permanent Records release tomorrow night with two in-town shows, the first of which is an all-ages, free in-store at Permanent. The new record, Ultimate Purity, showcases the band’s twisted, heavy-handed Brainbombs worship, and today’s 12 O’Clock Track is the first public glimpse at the damaged LP, “Grandeur.” Employing the “play one riff over and over until it hurts” formula, the band smashes out the devastating, one-part song, its crushing tones and bad vibes steamrolling everything in its path. On top of it all is lead vocalist Matt Ibarra, spitting mean, distorted depravity. No dynamics, no melody, no pop sensibility—this is plain and simple old-fashioned sonic punishment that can destroy moods and eardrums with the best of the noise-rock greats. Rectal Hygienics are one of the gnarliest, most confrontational bands in Chicago right now, so this release event isn’t one to miss. There’s a late-night show too, but you’ll have to consult Google for that one, because I’m not allowed to post its possibly illegal location here. Check out “Grandeur” below.