Just Death

  • Just Death

Tomorrow (Tue 11/4) Shaved Women, an intense noise-rock/hardcore hybrid from Saint Louis, comes to town, playing at Logan Square DIY space Club Rectum. The band, who’ve been tearing it up for years, released their latest LP Just Death at the end of this summer, and today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “I Don’t Belong Here,” is one of the album’s heaviest, gnarliest songs. The band combines hardcore punk’s speed, aggression, and tough-guy breakdowns with the feedback-laden swing of bands like Scratch Acid and Rapeman. All of the band’s records in the past are thrilling listens, and I’ve really been enjoying Just Death. Shaved Women is always an experience live, so this show—where they’ll be sharing the stage with outrageous local Brainbombs-worshipping noise-rock act Rectal Hygenics—is not one to miss. Check out “I Don’t Belong Here” below.