“Everybody else” may be a majority of two — Tribune Company COO Randy Michaels and innovation chief Lee Abrams. From what I hear, no mere editors are involved in the project to lure Mariotti into the Tower.

I mean, that totally makes sense. I’d be down with it too if Mariotti was a good writer or had interesting things to say about sports instead of being a fake contrarian whose primary job skill is needling Ozzie Guillen. But at this point he’s like the Stephon Marbury of Chicago sports media–an expensive, surly prima donna and clubhouse cancer whose main selling point is his own spectacle and inflated reputation.

Update: If I was Mike Downey, or any of the other pissed off Tribune sportswriters, I’d go over Michaels’s and Abrams’s heads to Sam Zell, who called Mariotti an “assassin.”

Update II: Think ahead; hire Christina Kahrl.