North by Northwest
  • North by Northwest

Each Friday, we recommend seven Old Movies to Watch Now, all of which come recommended by one of our critics and can currently be screened online. Read the review, watch the movie, feel accomplished.

Anvil! The Story of Anvil, a documentary about the Canadian speed-metal band.

Bernie, Richard Linklater’s dark comedy based on real-life murderer Bernhardt Tiede.

Dead Man, which Jonathan Rosenbaum calls a “mystical, highly poetic account of dying.”

Kill Bill: Vol. 2, the second half of Quentin Tarantino’s martial arts epic.

North by Northwest, an Alfred Hitchcock classic starring Cary Grant.

Orgasm Inc., a documentary debunking the notion of Female Sexual Dysfunction.

The Trip, Michael Winterbottom’s comedy that sends Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon on a tour of northern England.

For even more selections, check out OMTWN, your go-to spot for streaming recommendations. Happy watching!