“I suppose we will have to go to trial.”

That’s Governor Blagojevich’s attorney, Sheldon Sorosky, as quoted in the Tribune. Sorosky was saying the governor doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

Bad form! Where’s the sneer of disdain? You need to sound like this:

“He is confident that, if given a full and fair opportunity to defend himself, he will be found innocent” — Conrad Black’s attorneys, when Black was indicted in 2005. 

”The jurors will identify with his courage and public service, and this will assist them in determining that Governor Ryan is not guilty of these charges” — George Ryan’s attorney, when Ryan was indicted in 2003.

“We fully expect that a public trial will expose these allegations for what they are”  — Eddie Vrdolyak’s attorney, when Vrdolyak was indicted in 2007.

In the same Tribune article — Barack Obama urges Blagojevich to resign. This can only mean one thing, Sheldon Sorosky — the next president wants the governor to set everything else aside and fight for his good name. So strap on your armor.