Virginia attorneys with a taste in vintage music can get four credits for a “Live Legal Ethics Program Performed to the Tunes of 60s Rock and Roll” for about $200. No lie–here’s the link. Among the songs parodied and the topics covered:

“Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” — deceptive tactics

“A Day in the Life” — courtroom

“When I’m 64” — ethical considerations in changing firms

“The Boxer” — conflicts and confidentiality

“Fire and Rain” (“Scum and Pain”) — former clients

“American Pie” (“The Day My Ethics Died”) — Sarbanes-Oxley, i.e., accounting and corporate governance

If we let in some other generations, surely there’s a place in this lineup for “You’re No Son of Mine” (trusts and estates), “Sherry” (uncompensated long hours of practice), and “Another Brick in the Wall” (continuing legal education itself)?  What pop parodies would make you willing to hit the law books?


(Hat tip to Sam Smith’s Undernews.)