• Isabelle Huppert won the Best Actress prize at the 1978 Cannes Film Festival for Violette.

In our current print issue, we erroneously reported that Claude Chabrol’s Violette (1978) would be screening at the Alliance Francaise tomorrow, March 14. The screening in fact takes place on Wednesday, May 9—which means you have something to look forward to for nearly two months. The movie contains one of my favorite moments in Chabrol’s mammoth body of work, a scene that may justify the entire film. After the title character—a real-life juvenile delinquent who murdered her parents in the 1930s—gets diagnosed with syphilis, the family doctor insists that her parents take medication too, just in case they’ve contracted their daughter’s disease. Cut to a brief shot of all three at the dinner table, taking their nightly dose together as if proposing a toast. It’s an understated expression of Chabrol’s favorite satirical barb: that any transgression can be made banal once civil society gets its hands on it.