Reality-based Mark Kleiman points out that Rudy Giuliani’s performance before and after 9/11, the foundation of his claim to be presidential timber, actually shows what an awful president he would make:

“Granted, he was only indirectly responsible for the radio-frequency incompatibility between the police department and the fire department that cost the lives of large numbers of fireman. But he was the CEO, so in some sense the buck stops on his desk.

“On the other hand, he was directly and personally responsible for the idiotic decision to locate the emergency command bunker in one of the most likely targets; that decision was made by Hizzoner over the vigorous objections of those who knew better.

“How much responsibility he had for misinforming the citizenry about the risks of toxic pollution near Ground Zero [after the attack], and how much damage that misinformation did, remains to be determined, but he certainly could have insisted on getting the truth from EPA, and certainly failed to do so….

“The part of his 9/11 performance most relevant to Giuliani’s likely actions as President was his insistence that the law be suspended to extend his term of office, as if no one could possibly fill his shoes. That demand having been rejected, the transition seems to have gone perfectly smoothly.”

The Republican faithful will probably reject him for the wrong reasons, unless he sheds even more of his former beliefs than he already has, but if their unhealthy obsession with sex is what it takes to keep Rudy in retirement, hey, that’s politics.